Taylor Halverson, Ph.D.

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Hi, I’m Taylor Halverson, Ph.D., your tour operator and local guide.

With Utah Adventure Travel experience Utah Rocks!™

I have infectious enthusiasm and expertise for the natural and human history of Utah’s National Parks.

I love people and story-telling and immersive experiences.

I specialize in personalized, engaging, inspiring, and unforgettable learning experiences on site.

I’ve traveled and hiked extensively throughout Utah. I’ve immersed myself in Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks. I’ve engaged in archaeological work of the Fremont and Ancestral Puebloan Indians in remote corners of Utah. I’ve explored deeply Utah’s nooks and crannies. I’ve read, heard, and told innumerable stories of the rocks, plants, animals, and people that make Utah like no where else. I’ve done all this to create unforgettable memories, itineraries, and experiences for others.

I’m a world-class tour leader and expert educator. I have led acclaimed travel tours on four continents to countries such as Israel, Jordan, Netherlands, Chile, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Nepal, Bhutan, and India.

Though I’ve traveled the world, experiencing many marvels, I’ve launched Utah Adventure Travel to help bring the unmatched experience of Utah’s National Parks to people everywhere.

Ready to book? Email utahadventuretravel@gmail.com.

Don’t see dates that work for your schedule or want a different itinerary? Contact me to discuss options!

Why You Must Experience Utah’s Mighty Five®

I practically grew up in National Parks. I’ve lost count of the nights out among the stars, of the never-ending vistas that stretch beyond the horizon, of moments of contemplating the untrammeled wilderness where the quiet is so penetrating it’s almost deafening, of endless footfalls taking me from one vantage to another while paradoxically being fully overcome with the experience and yet aching for more.

Since then I’ve traveled the world. In fact, I’ve led acclaimed travel tours on four continents, visiting some of the most exotic locations on planet earth.

Yet I return again and again to the unparalleled beauty of Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks: Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Arches.

Why? Because I have found more peace, purpose, and perspective at these magnificence locations than at nearly any other place on earth that I have experienced.

I want you to experience that, too!

Come join me and see why the Mighty Five are among the great places on the earth.

Utah Adventure Travel Mission

Utah Adventure travel creates expansive experiences in some of the most unexpected places in the world.

About Utah Adventure Travel

Utah Adventure Travel’s premier excursions immerse you in the unparalleled expanses of Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks: Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Arches.

Questions? Email utahadventuretravel@gmail.com

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