AMAZING tour guide!!

“Thus ends the best vacation ever. Taylor Halverson is an AMAZING tour guide!!”

Incredible people and guides!

“Wow my mind is still circling with new found memories, facts and treasures.  We are feeling very blessed that we had the opportunity to make such a trip with such incredible people and guides!”

“It was a trip of a lifetime.”

Taylor was fantastic

“The trip was very well planned across the board.  Taylor was fantastic.  He was knowledgeable, accommodating to our range and variety of questions, contagiously enthusiastic and passionate, funny, and just a great person you wouldn’t mind being stuck on an island with.”

Superlatives are the only way to describe Taylor

“Your trip was incredible! It far exceeded our expectations. Superlatives are the only way to describe our guest lecturer, Taylor Halverson. He was so much more than the guest lecturer as he went out of his way to make sure everything proceeded accordingly to plan. By the second day he knew the names of everyone and made it a point to spend time and get to know everyone personally. It was not uncommon for him to speak on the history, religions or sites without any notes. It was obvious his educational background and the additional study he did to get ready for the trip benefited us all tremendously.”

You made this a fantastic trip

“Taylor, you made this a fantastic trip of learning and a great beginning to understanding so much more than we ever would have dreamed possible in a week’s time!  Good job and good times!!”

Your fun attitude made for a winning combination

“Taylor: Thanks to you and Lisa for making our trip a fun and wonderful learning experience for our family.  Your breadth of knowledge, love for the people and the country and your fun attitude made for a winning combination.  Thank you for everything.”

Truly the most amazing trip and experience

“Thank you for the amazing knowledge you shared with us on those eight days…. It was truly the most amazing trip and experience we have had!”

A dream that was beyond expectations

“Taylor and Lisa you helped me realize a dream that was beyond expectations. Thank you for sharing your love and passion for the region….I can’t wait for the next trip with you guys!”

You made it such a success!

“We so much enjoyed our time with you and Lisa – you made it such a success!”

A great experience for our family

“Thank you, again, for all you did to create a great experience for our family.”

Amazing tours with you

“I hope there is a chance for another of those intimate and amazing tours with you sooner than later.”

A delightful and lasting experience

“Thanks again for making it such a delightful and lasting experience.”

Our fondest gratitude

“Our fondest gratitude for including us in your tour experience. It was such an additional pleasure to get acquainted with you and Lisa. Thanks so much!”

“Fond memories!”

“We would enjoy another tour with you.”


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